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Trails West: Ohio's Largest Custom Truck & 4x4 Super Center

4×4 Accessories Zanesville Ohio

Top Tier 4×4 Accessories in Zanesville Ohio

Trails West operates out of the largest super center in the state of Ohio supplying and installing custom jeep, truck, and other 4×4 vehicle parts as well as providing a general repair service and specialized accessories installation. We work with a massive selection of specialty parts, custom wheels, truck suspension lifts, and other car accessories to create the best custom build for each customer. With each custom build our team can bring your dream vehicle to life and create the perfect ride that fits your needs. If you are interested in checking out our inventory, adding additional vehicle accessories, or checking out any other service that we offer, contact us today or drive down to our specialized super center located just 40 minutes from Zanesville. Trails West is a family owned business and is proud to continue providing an excellent inventory of high quality accessories and parts and we take pride in our professional installations and attention to detail.

Extensive Inventory and Service Center

Our 36,000 square foot showroom and super center located near Zanesville, Ohio has a vast inventory of parts, accessories, aftermarket customization kits, and more. We provide and install suspension kits, wheels, tires, truck tops, bed covers, liners, mud flaps, hitches, steps, custom lighting, and many more vehicle accessories. Our expert sales team can help you narrow down your selection to find the perfect accessories within our inventory helping you to choose the right parts that are not only compatible with your 4×4, but fit your desired style and needs. Our installation service and repair service can make sure the parts you purchase are installed correctly and any additional repairs necessary are completed. Because we handle everything in-house you won’t have to make additional trips to get the word done on your truck or 4×4. We are proud to offer a 90 day labor warranty on installation from anything purchased and installed through Trails West. Contact our sales team today to find more about our impressive inventory, or stop in to check out the showroom for yourself.

Top Brands in Our Inventory We’re Ready to Install

Trails West is the state’s leader in aftermarket tires and wheels

Tires & Wheels

Wheels and tires have a lot to say not just about the function and how a vehicle is used, but also contribute to the overall style of your customized 4×4 car. In order to make sure each customer can create the best quality and most visually accurate custom wheel set they’re looking for we carry over 50 brands of different high quality wheels. The brands and styles of our wheels cover a wide range of colors, styles, and specific sizes to fit your build perfectly. As an additional service we even paint wheels custom colors to get the exact look you require to match other accessories and aftermarket parts.

Choosing the correct type of tire greatly depends on how you use the vehicle and what sort of terrains you’ll be encountering. Our showroom has a huge selection of tires so no matter what you’re in the market for we’ll be able to match you with something that not only gets the job done, but looks good doing it. We offer general street tires, all season tires, mud-terrain tires, performance tires, and all-terrain tires. Any tires purchased through the Trails West store can be installed in-house. If requested we also offer a “road force” test service after we mount and balance the tires on your vehicle.

Jeep & 4×4 Accessories

When it comes to 4×4 accessories we carry quality brands that we believe in. Our inventory thoroughly covers most accessory and parts categories for 4×4 trucks and Jeeps. We offer suspension lifts as well as body lift kits for as little as a 2” lift, or even up to 12” whether you’re looking to simply add additional height or you’re gearing up to do some off-roading. We have lowering kits for anyone who wants to create a classic car look, increase the overall stability of your vehicle as well as increasing braking efficiency. Another service we offer is installing leveling kits to increase the height of the front of your vehicle to even out the tilt that is typical of most car manufacturers. To keep any cargo safe we sell and install cargo accessories including bed covers and truck tops. Both of these options can provide additional security for any cargo you’re hauling in your 4×4. We offer both bed covers and truck tops in different styles to accommodate your exact needs for your custom build. In addition to covers we also sell bed liners which are designed to keep the bed of your vehicle in great condition making it more rugged and keep your bed from sustaining unnecessary wear and tear from loading and unloading cargo. In addition to these accessories we sell hitches, mud flaps, steps, custom lighting, bumpers, fender flares, winches, and have an extensive array of Jeep specific accessories including vintage Jeep replacement parts.
Jeep & 4x4 Accessories

Request Custom Work for your Jeep or other 4×4

If you’re searching to start a custom 4×4 build, want to continue an existing project, or are just looking to add or replace accessories on your vehicle the Trails West Super Center is ready to help you achieve whatever look, style, or practical function you’re hoping for. Our massive showroom is a great place to see many of the accessories in action to not only compare them but to see them in person firsthand. Our team is able to walk you through the different options we carry in our inventory and help you narrow down your selection based on whatever criteria you bring. Our staff is passionate about 4x4s and has the knowledge to assist you in picking out accessories, parts, custom kits, and more. Because we offer a wide range of services in-house turnaround time on installations and repairs is often very short and saves our customers the trouble of having to visit multiple stores and locations just to find what they need and have it installed. In some cases with an appointment we can have the car turned around in as little as one day. Our 90 day warranty on anything we install is a guarantee that it will be installed correctly. To find out more about any of the services we offer or a specific accessory please reach out to us today or stop by our showroom today.

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